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 Load-In:   Show Hours:  Load-Out: 
 Monday, September 25
 12:00 - 6:00pm
 Tuesday, September 26
 8:00 - 9:30am
 Tuesday, September 26
 10:00am - 4:00pm
 Wednesday, September 27
 10:00am - 4:00pm
 Wednesday, September 27
 4:00 - 6:00pm


  Booth Size:   Exhibitor Badges:   Includes:
  10' x 10'   Eight (8)   8' High Back Drape, 3' High Side Rails, ID Sign, (1) 6' Black-Skirted Table,  Trash Can
  10' x 20'   Sixteen (16)   8' High Back Drape, 3' High Side Rails, ID Sign, (2) 6' Black-Skirted Tables,  Trash Can
  20' x 20'   Twenty Four (24)   Taped floor area, ID Sign, (1) 6' Black-Skirted Table, Trash Can

Exhibitor Badges - Additional exhibitor badges may be requested, but may be subject to the $25/person rate.

Sampling/Cooking Requirements - RAM will provide a handwashing station for exhibitors who are sampling and a fire extinguisher for exhibitors who are cooking. Unfortunately, there is no deep frying or raw poultry allowed inside the Cow Palace building.

Refrigeration & Kitchen Access - Exhibitors will have access to refrigeration and freezer space in a truck off the back dock. The on-site kitchen contains a 3-compartment sink for exhibitor-use. There is NO work space or kitchen equipment available for use on-site. Cooking, heating and serving elements are to be provided by the exhibitor.

AV Needs - The Expo is using Presentation Media for our audio visual needs. They are available to provide you with additional booth needs such as tv monitors, speakers, etc. Contact Ray at 443-928-7985.

Parking - Parking is free on-site.

Security - Security will be provided overnight and throughout the Expo.

Complimentary Exhibitor Lounge - All exhibitors are invited to enjoy refreshments in the Exhibitor Lounge, located behind the main offices/Exhibitor Services. 


  Form:   Due Date:  Submit to:
  2017 Exhibitor Contract   Upon Receipt   RAM
  Booth Deposit   Upon Receipt   RAM
  Show Guide Ad Files   August 14, 2017   RAM
  Shepard Exhibitor Kit - Custom Orders   TBD   Shepard
  Electrical & Water Request Form   September 1, 2017   Fairgrounds
  Wireless Internet Form   September 1, 2017   Fairgrounds
  Baltimore County Health Department Temporary Foodservice Permit
 * Required for exhibitors sampling, prepping or cooking food at the Expo.
 ** Fill in the green highlighted sections.
 *** Must submit an original copy to RAM - No emails or faxes accepted.
  September 1, 2017   RAM
  Shepard Exhibitor Kit - Standard Orders   TBD   Shepard
  Lead Retrieval System
  TBD   Conexsys
  Submit Exhibitor Badge Names
  TBD   Conexsys



The Exhibitor Newsletter is emailed to all current exhibitors on the first Wednesday of each month leading up to Expo. 


 Item:   Directions:
 Tickets    Email this to customers or ask Hilary to mail you a bundle.
 Email Templates  Use these customizable templates to email or mail to your customers inviting them to attend Expo.
 Web Badge Vertical   Place this graphic on your website, email communications and social media. Hyperlink this image to the Expo website.
 Web Badge Horizontal  Place this graphic on your website, email communications and social media. Hyperlink this image to the Expo website.

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