Why Attend?

Top Five Reasons to Attend The Mid-Atlantic Expo

1.    FREE Registration - If you are an owner, manager or employee of a hospitality-related business, then you can attend the Expo for free. 

2.    Searching online only goes so far - It is easy to search online for a new product, company or service that you need.  But when it comes time to make a decision, don’t you want to speak to someone, demo the product or taste it?  Of course you do!  Attending the Expo allows you to browse, demo, taste and talk to people all at the same time.

3.    Education - What you learn at Expo may be more important than what you buy.  Come listen to top-notch speakers, watch a demonstration, and learn from other industry professionals.  You never know what piece of information or advice you could take from a simple conversation on the Expo floor or during a seminar.

4.    Get out of your restaurant/hotel/store - Think about your business as a whole, rather than worrying about operations.  It’s easy to be stuck in day-to-day “operations mode.” Attending Expo allows you to browse the show floor for new ideas, or deal with an issue you’ve been putting off because you haven’t had the time.  Make time and make the commitment to spend a day (or two) at Expo to help make your business better and your life easier!

5.    Location - The Maryland State Fairgrounds is easy to find with free parking on site.  No need to spend time in traffic or searching for parking.  Get in, get out and get going!

why attend